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Wanted Compressor back picture

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February 5, 2003
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1998 Ford Explorer
I'm trying to figure out which side of the A/C compressor is high and which side is low. Anyone have a pic of the compressor with the manifold bolted to the back?
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Why not..........trace the hose connectors (high = red/ blue = low).........back to the back side of the compressor.

Aloha, Mark

AC hoses/connectors are typically not color coded red/blue. The ones on my Explorer and van aren't.

But I figured it out. Thanks for the reply.
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OK, I used the wrong word to describe the "port/fitting."

And actually, I should have said the caps over the port/fittings are colored.

Then again.......some vehicles only have black colored caps on their port/fittings though in different sizes.

But then, the connectors on the manifold and hoses are colored. Blue = low and Red = high. And they will ONLY go on the correct port/fittings.

Anyway......glad you got it.

Aloha, Mark

There are pictures in my thread that is stickied in this forum.

But the low side port is going to be larger than the high side.