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Compressor Testing?

*******UP DATE*********

Had no success, yet.

I've been watching the temps and looking for a non-functioning vent door. I took off the heater access box (from the interior) and couldn't see anything obvious. And, I watched the plunger go through it's movements as I manipulated the vent control (at least that works). A lot of air is moving through the vents, at the correct vents (I might add). But, it's just not COLD.

I was watching the temps last night........ambient air temps (64 degrees) were running just 10 degrees above the A/c (which got down to 54 degrees).

Then, today I saw air temps at 82........and A/c temps of 62-61 degrees (at times dropping to the mid 50s). It was OK (cool) but, with only a 20 degree difference, I sure don't want to see a 100 degree last month. Good thing Fall is here.

So, perhaps the air is not moving over the evap. coils, then making it's way through the vent work? I'll have to consider evacuating the system again and removing the evaporator, to see if that vent door at the firewall is working correctly. I'll have to consider getting a manifold gauge and try seeing the pressures myself or adding more R134a (I'm beginning to doubt the shop's tech). The compressor cycles every 4 seconds. My Chevy goes longer between cycles (like 10-12 seconds between cycles).

I saw the manifold at Harbor Freight going for $40 (sale price).....humm. I guess I could talk myself into making that purchase?

Aloha, Mark