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Computer/Sensor Problems


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December 5, 2008
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08 Sport Trac Adrenalin
My STA with a 4.6 and 6 speed trans.had a major malfunction the other day.It tried to start off in second gear from a stop,then it went crazy. The icon for a driveline problem came on,then the skid control light came on,then the air bag light came on,the speedo began to fluctuate and the only forward gear was third.I tried a manual shift and it stayed in third.It would shift to reverse. I drove it home and shut it down and restarted it and everything reset.
I used a hypertech tuner to correct the speedo several months ago to compensate for oversize tires. It will also read trouble didn't find anything. I had it at the dealership several months ago with the concern about trying to start off in second after making several successive stops at stop signs.Their computer did not pick up any trouble codes.
Anybody have any info?? I'm headed back to the dealership tomorrow. In talking to the service rep. and he advised there may be a sensor in the trans or rear end causing the issue.

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I would bet it's an intermittent problem with a sensor especially if there are no codes in the computer. My Nav has had a problem since day one. They never hooked up the voice link or phone button on my steering wheel when the dealer put the system in. So now I have to bring it in and I just got it so I don't want to be without it.

Ford advised they had a service bulletin on this issue and reprogrammed the computer wit an update. The shift seems to have improved .It no longer appears to try and start off in second after a slight stop. I will keep those interested advised.

Service Bulletin #

I would be curious what the service bulletin # is from Ford and what it fixes. It may fix various issues with the Transmission. I know that the 6 speed does not like the truck stopping and going immediately. It wants you to come to a complete stop before it down shifts into first otherwise you may experience a shudder. If I have the shifter selection in 3rd, the tranny is really slushy so I never use that gear to start from. It only seems to work well in drive or 1 and 2. I switched to bigger tires and didn't update the speedo, but the tranny seems to shift better now so I just have been ignoring the other issues and am afraid to have Ford mess with it.


The TSB is 09-01-02 Reprogram of PCM to corrct concern. I will have to bring it back to the dealership. The same symptoms started again.I pulled over to the side of the road,shut it down and it corrected itself. It's getting aggravating.