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Cone air filter, other place


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April 9, 2000
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94' XL 4x4
Was thinking about doing a mod on my Ex. I imagine putting a connical filter(what ever brand) directly on the intake. Let say I would get rid of the plastic hose that runs from the air box to intake and put the filter with adapter and MAS directly on the intake tube, do you tink it would work. I mean no more angle for the air to go true and the radiator fan would blow air to the filter to. I could even do somting like RAM air on the front of my hood... Whaiting for comments(I tought of that mod for my Escort to!!!)

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I don't know what the layout under your hood is, but on my 97 there isn't really room to do that mod. I also don't think that angle makes THAT much of a difference that you would notice. I do think that having the fan blow air to the filter would make it less effective. I don't think you want the fan blowing hot air off of the radiator to the filter. I'd recommend doing what myself and others have done. remove the airbox altogether or drill holes in it.

yes idea.

Yes it would work great..however..youd want to seperate the intake from the air in the engine compartment so the fan wouldnt blow air into it at all..and youd have to be willing to modify the front brace alot and slice your hood up real good to make a scoop. It would probably result in superb air flow..especially at speed, as the air would really get "rammed" into the intake at highway speeds.

As far as I know, noones willing to hack up their front end to make it work..perhaps on a project Explorer..

Someting else

Maybe has not to cut my lovely hood, I could make a sheild for the fan not to blow air to the filter and then get two 3 or 4 inch hose from the bumper to sideway of the filter so that way fresh air goes to it. It would not be Ram air but Bumper air LOL.

you may want to read the GHETTO AIR thread. Run some hose from the bumper up to the airbox...shouldn't be too hard.