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Conflicting warranty info


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December 27, 2016
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2012 explorer xlt fwd
Signed up for an answer to some conflicting warranty information. Here goes. Is the wheel bearings covered under the 7/100k mile certified pre-owned limited powertrain warranty. Ford has a brochure on their website that says it is. But i called ford and they said it isn't. So which one is it?

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Screen shot of brochure


Only the bold items are covered under the 7yr/100k. Wheel bearings are not in bold there fore only covered under the 12mo/12k warranty.

But wouldn't they still be covered under the original 5 year, 60k Power Train warranty if that was still in effect?


Under front wheel drive front and rear wheel bearings are in bold. In my case i have 64500miles on a 2012 xlt fwd

Yup, you are right. Sorry, was trying to make it out on my cell in the first image which was blurry. You should be all covered.

Its all good sorry first picture was blurry.

I called ford and they said the bearings are not covered. Wanted to make sure I didnt have to pay for a warranted item or if anyone had them replaced under the cpo 7yr/100k miles powertrain limited warranty. Wondering why they are saying something is not covered when it states it in the brochure.

a lot of service people are monkey see monkey do, if they have never experienced it before it probably isn't possible till you find one that takes initiative and isn't just counting the hours to go home. Trick is to ask to talk to a manager, if you know you are right and they have the same poor attitude you had with the previous person you need to avoid that dealership. You can also try and guide them and show them the light if you're stubborn.:hammer:

I addition to the '15 Sport my wife drives I own an '09 Sport Trac that I bought as a CPO vehicle in 2012. I had both front wheel bearing replaced under the CPO warranty for a $100 deductible. Only one was making noise but the shop replaced both stating the other was "just as old". My second best auto repair experience ever. The first involved a Lexus dealer. When you say you "called" Ford do you mean Ford Corp, or a local dealer? I'd bring the car in with a copy of the CPO warranty and talk with the service manger of your dealer.