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Confused 01 Sport

Came with (bought 12/26/02):
- 4x4, 6 CD Pioneer factory "system", power seat, 25000 severely babied miles, 5 point style rims, and silver paint with complimentary blotchy sun rot on 30% of the hood. Otherwise in brand new condition and a hell of a deal.

Current mods:
- Flowmaster 40 Series, single out w/ 2.5"tubing and stainless slash cut tip straight out the back, a la stock.
- Silencer removed and hole dremeled to ~2.5" by 4" rectangular hole in airbox with a K&N drop-in.
- Apten single program chip, burned for 92 octane and to run like an overall raped ape.

Planned mods:
- A little more bump in the trunk
- Sunroof
- In dash dvd/flip out screen
- Billet aluminum grill
-This is where I go of two things will happen to my Sport this coming winter.
1--Lifted 4" suspension with 33s, possibly with 3" body & bigger meat if I get a little frisky. But, Im stuck with an open 3.73 rear, and would have to remedy this also because Im not one to lift and not use it--violenty. Already want 4.10s as it is.
2--OR, roll out on dubs. I think this would be sweet, but there is just too much desert to be explored around these parts, and plenty of snow and mud when I go home to Nebraska. I drive back and forth (Nebraska-Arizona) about once every 3 months. I find something inherently wrong with bling blingin a 4wd. I use it often enough to ruin a set of rims in about a month. :rolleyes: But I REALLY like the look of 01+ on big shiny wheels and the nose dropped just a tad. Black Magic is my hero.

I beat myself constantly about this decision, but more and more lately an alternative keeps pushing its way into my head--a crotch rocket. Have my heart set on a GSXR 750 in blue & white. I miss my old bike, and now that I live in Arizona, what a better chance to own one??? I could drive it about 364 days out of the year. Stay tuned as I go to the asylum to finally get this one sorted out.

Random notes: on a recent trip to South Padre Island, the Sport ran a claimed 128 mph on a flat, boring as crud section of road just east of El Paso. (sorry for any of you that live in that Godforsaken country) My friends speedo in 95 Integra was the test tool. I believe it had a little more, maybe 130+, but there was about a 10-15 mph wind blowing left to right, and frankly, it got a little scary. From 65 to about 95 I owned him. Gotta love that top end on the SOHC. After a hundred, speed came quite slow, as the aerodynamics of a parachute seemed to be holdin the rollin brick back. And kids, there were no other cars on the road. Just us two idiots. While on the island, 11 people crammed into it for a short trip to and on the beach, and the stock radio was plenty adequate for playing tunes on the sand. In case you ever wondered, you can fit at least 31 cases of Bud Light cans in the rear cargo area. Didnt run out of space, just out of money. Two other silver 01+ sports and another one red running around my base, but none are as fast as me.;)

edit--added cardomain link

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128mph in an X, damn I think I'd be scared without the wind.
I don't think I've had mine over 100.
01 sport in silver, post some pictures whenever you get them, I've never seen a silver one before. I've tossed around the idea of lowering my 01 to but just haven't convinced myself yet, I haven't done any off roading but I wouldn't mind trying it. Then again I'm in Chicago so some of the pot holes make it seem like I'm off road.

I take it you like your Apten Chip?

How does that Flowmaster sound? I thought about getting exhaust but didnt know how it would sound.

it sounds really good, I was skeptical about it on a V6, but its nice and grumbly, and I couldnt be happier. its not too loud either. I can hardly hear it on the highway with the cruise set. As for a comparison, it sounds a lot like my friends 01 Mustang Gt with the dual stock exhaust, with mine being just a bit louder under power.

What other town is Beaver Lake by?

Its about 3 miles south of Plattsmouth on Highway 75. About 20-25 minutes up 75/Kennedy Freeway to get into Omaha. Closest "town" is Murray, with a population somewhere under a thousand.

Hey burnin_up, does your flowmaster resonate a lot at 2500 rpm? I have the Magnaflow with a resonator, and it still has an annoying buzz at 2500 rpm on the highway, especially up hills. I am thinking about getting the flowmaster, or just going back to stock.

There is some resonance from 2200-3000, but its not enough to bother me at all. And its only when Im accelerating pretty good, like 75% throttle. Normal, smooth acceleration its barely there.

Black Magic--I wish. But I think my money is going to go towards a crotch rocket here soon. A supercharger would be a ton of fun though!

Originally posted by burnin_up
... on a flat, boring as crud section of road just east of El Paso. (sorry for any of you that live in that Godforsaken country)

Hey! It's not that bad! Oh wait, it is. :(