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Confused, issue after fuel injectors swapped


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October 7, 2008
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Buford, Ga
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2008 ST Limited
So I had a fuel injector die and a shop belonging to a buddy of mine picked them up and tested and cleaned each one. Turns out that one went bad and it was replaced. Now I put them in and was having an issue where on a cold start the truck was acting like it couldn't get fuel...really weird. But once it was fired up it ran pretty smooth and would start normally every time I started it afterwards. Got in it tonight and discover that one injector was not properly seated so I correct the issue, now I have a new problem, my truck is running like an old cammed muscle car. It won't idle correctly, it shutters, makes a strange noise I can't even begin to describe. I'm lost, any suggestions? Did I skip a step in doing my injectors or forget something elsewhere? I left it running for a while and pulled each coil pack and fuel injector connection and none of them had any effect on how the motors running leading me to believe this issue is a little more serious