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Confused (Subwoofer question)



Ok I just got done installing a single 12" system. I got an MTX sub, a new sony XPLOD 4 channel (i believe) amp.. and a new wiring kit. Everything went well in the setup, my only problem I initially had was getting the amp to turn on but i had wired the remote to the wrong blue wire on accident.

My problem is this...
I have a new sony HU that has a sub control.. (just the volume of the sub) its really nothing special but it SHOULD work to control the sub volume. I am not sure if i have the sub wired to the amp wrong or the RCA's in the wrong spot but some reason my Subwoofer control will NOT change the level up or down. The Subwoofer works fine and it will get louder or softer if i change the actual bass control that obviously controls all the speakers. I have 3 different RCA units coming out of the back of my deck. Audio Out (rear), Audio out (front) and a Bus (Audio in).. there is also a black y cord that has 2 female plugs (which rca's fit nicely into)... Currently the RCA's are in the Audio Out (Rear)

I have tried basically all the different rca onputs and the audio front and audio rear outputs will turn the sub on but I still can't change the sub volume through the deck's sub control..

Do i have the speaker wire from the amp to the sub wrong? Has anyone had this same problem and fixed it? Are my RCA's in the wrong spot? I dont see what the problem could be.. What are all the possible problems so i could look at them to see if it's messed up.

info... My deck is a Sony HU..SON CDXCA810X........ I THINK!!!!.. that's the same type of model of mine.. but im not sure if the model # is exact.. mine does not have mp3 capability .. but i THINK that's the one..

PLEASE help... why wont the sub control work?? but the sub works!!

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# of Pre-Amp Outputs 3 Pair

that is from the site with the HU..3 pre outs should mean u have 1 front 1 rear and 1 sub..or labeled something other then front and rear...putting the RCA into the rear will render the bass volume useless u need to find the specific RCA for the subs

they are usually all grouped together so the sub should should clearly visibile

just break out ur instructions and see which set of pre outs or RCAs is the SUB OUT then the volume on the HU should work fine

hope that helps..its really hard to tell u for sure w.o seeing it myself

edit..that HU says it has no AUX input..which would be audio in..look at the back of the HU the RCAs should be..front.then rear..then the one after that should be the sub its not the AUX in..least shouldnt be since it says it doesnt have one

Shouldn't the RCA's go to an Audio Out? from the back of the deck

The only 2 audio out's i have are the front and rear.

There is one more set of rca plug ins that says Bus (Audio In) or some crap like that.. Should i have my rca's in the amp be plugged into the audio out and the RCA's in the back of my deck be plugged into the BUS Audio In?? or is it the other way around.. audio out for the deck audio in for the amp?

You're right tho the back of my deck has a set of three.. the one audio in, and the 2 (front/rear) audio out's

on that spec sheet it says nothing about an audio im a bit confused on that

but it says it has three pre OUTS so being sound to the amp...which means one of them IS for the sub u just gota find i said if i was looking at it i could figure it out

there HAS to be a set of RCA outs for the sub there just has to be..u just gota find out which one it is

and the amp most likely only has an RCA in..some of them have outs to but those are the more expensive amps..but if urs does have an out on the amp make sure u are plugged into the audio IN on the amp which it sounds like u already got squared away

ur instruction manuel should say what all the dodads and stuff are on the back of the HU just read that and itl tell u where the sub out is

if u want hit me up on aim XZXMike71 so we can real time chat..mabey the 2 of us can get it figured out

The black y-cord is sub-out.
Plug the RCAS from the sub-amp into this.
End of story.

Cuz im such a nice guy :-D I looked it up for you

Here is the wiring diagram for that HU.


SO it is as i expected.. The black y-cable coming out is the sub-outs.. that is how it was on my old SONY HU

thanks for all the replies.. i figured it out this morning while i was messing with it.. the thing that's weird is i tried the black cables the Y cable.. and it didnt work at first. i tried it again today and wallah it worked.. you were right on the money.. so like i said i appreciate all the help!