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December 12, 2012
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1993 Explorer Limited
Hello, I have a 1993 Explorer Limited

I had issues with the truck just shutting off. Ran codes, came back the Air Sensor was bad, I replaced it. Truck ran great for an hr. Let it it sit, truck would start, idle horribly and shut off. Thought maybe some bad gass, I put in some sea foam, let it run for awhile. The next day truck once again drove great. Parked it for the night, the next day, same issues came back. Ran codes again, came back that my IAC was bad, So I replaced that, once again truck ran awesome for a day. The next day, same issues, replaced the fuel relay,and put on a new thermostat ran great once again for a day. Same story as before, the night went to start it, my battery gauge and rpms started to surge, rough idle back. I had my ALT checked today, came back fine. Fuel pump sounds strong also, also has a brand new battery.Checked fuel pressure also, was right where it should be.Also checked the N saftey switch, I think that what it's called and that was fine also.

-Replaced Air Flow Sen, truck ran great for 1 day
-Replaced IAC, truck ran great for 1 day
-Replaced Fuel Relay and thermostat, ran great for 1 day
-Issue back, rough idle, battery gauge and RPMS jump, truck sometimes shuts right off
-Fuel Pump sounds strong every time
-New Battery
-Alt checks out fine.
-Fuel pressure checks out fine
-N safety switch fine

Any Ideas or tips?

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Hey man, welcome to the forum.

I have read that the capacitors in the ECM will fail and leak out after a while.

You can replace them or buy another computer. Easy enough to check, pop the computer out and have a look. Under the pass side kick panel I believe.

Just a suggestion, seems very unlikely that you would have failure after failure of components like that.

And it might not hurt to hook up a fuel pressure gauge to make sure the pump isn't dying. I had one that would shut down when the tank was getting low, full tank of nice cold gas and it worked fine...

I'm callin fuel pump too, all the described conditions could be caused by fuel delivery issues. If it is a 93 with the original pump then changing it will prevent you from being stranded some day anyway. Lucky for all of us, there is a cool thread on here describing how to swap the pump without dropping the tank, be careful though and have a fire extinguisher handy!

Thanks For the replys.Could the fuel pump cause the battery gauge to jump around and lights dim and go bright? Dash, Dome, Radio and door lights all "flash". Ill prob just do The pump to see and prevent a future issue. Could it be something as simple as a lose/faulty wire in the alt harness? Sorry for any typos typing on my phone.

Dimming/jumping lights is often the headlight switch. Try jiggling it when the lights are freaking out. If it changes anything, "There's your problem!".

My voltage meter sometimes takes a few seconds to come up after starting the truck, I'm thinking it is the brushes. Something I will get to eventually...

Tomorrow I plan on jumping back into it, ill report back, Maybe it will help someone else if I can fix it.