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Connecting DVD player via 12v converter


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March 14, 2008
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2002 Eddie Bauer
I connected a 110v dvd player to my Pioneer AVIC D2 using a 12v converter. The result was signal noise. Any suggestions on a better way to do this?

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dont use a 110v dvd player. use a 12v one meant to be installed in a car

In Car DVD

I couldn't locate one. Do you know who carry these?

O yes. I guess I was trying to avoid an in-dash unit, as I have a Pioneer AVIC D-2 in there now. It has AV inputs. But I guess I can mount an in-dash under the seat though. Thanx.

Power inverters that convert 12VDC to 110-120VAC usually produce alot of noise, the AC output is either a square-wave or sawtooth-wave output instead of the nice smooth sine-wave output that audio gear needs. The noise filtering in an AC pwr supply was designed to filter the sine-wave output but it doesn't handle a square wave or sawtooth wave output very well. There are higher-end DC-AC converters that produce a much cleaner AC output but the price of them rises very rapidly as compared to the more common and less expensive DC-AC 12V converters. What's really sad is that the power supply in a home DVD unit takes the 120AC and converts it (in many cases) to 12 or 24VDC and then that is further regulated down to a 5VDC B+ supply line for the digital components.

i have an in-dash mounted in my center counsel(sp?). you can mount them anywhere you can find room. the possibilities are endless!


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It isn't fancy but you could hook one of those portable dvd players with the a/v out up to your system. I did something like this, you can either add an additional 12v outlet or hardwire it in. It's a little backyard mechanic ish but it works.