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Considering a 2001 Sport Trac


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May 10, 2010
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99 3.0 XLT
I'm thinking of selling my 1999 Ranger XLT extended cab and purchasing a used 2001 Sport Trac. I have seen prices in the range of 5300-6500.

What type of issues should I be aware of with the Sport Trac. I had to replace the cam position synchro on the Ranger.


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Try and find a job 2 motor (oil filler neck on passenger side). Check to see if the balljoints, front swaybar end links, shocks, caster/ camber adjustment bolts have been upgraded already. If so with half decent mileage you should be good to go. These aren't a deal breaker but by now they should be changed out.

Check the body mounts also. Mine are almost eaten through and its an '01

Well I bought an 01 sport trac when I came home from deployment, and that's been 2 years and I have completely replaced all of the following, Upper and lower ball joints on both sides, inner and outer tie rods both sides, sway bar links both sides, brakes all the way around including calipers on both sides drums on both sides, complete new rebuild kit for the drums. New shocks now working on new rear shackles. I also blew out a brake line last year and no one could find parts. So my mechanic has to customize crap with f10 parts explorer parts and ranger parts

200,000 miles on mine, VERY happy

couldnt have said it better than the last posts. try to find a job 2, listen for that timing chain rattle, try to get a feel for how it shifts. i love my trac, i have an 03 and just hit 100k. bout to do my 100k tune up this week and still going strong.

Bought my 2001 job 2 4wd two years ago with 66,000 miles. Within a month of the purchase I replaced shocks, lower ball joints, upper control arms and ball joints and tie rod ends. Also had to repair the "loose wire" problem in the steering column caused by not enough slack in the wire to actually USE the tilt wheel. I have since removed the release lever for the tilt wheel so that won't happen again. Also had to replace the driver side door handle spring. Next will be the body mount bushings which are pretty much crumbling away! What really amazes me is that I still love this truck! (Love this forum too. Because of you guys, I've been able to do all the work myself!) Oh yeah, radiator replacement is also on the way.

Almost forgot I also replaced the sway bar bushings and end links.