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considering a sport trac


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April 5, 2011
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Hello I was thinking of trading my 98 jeep wrangler for a 01 sport trac. The sport trac has a 3 inch body lift and 33,s and has 160k I was wondering if there are many problems with those miles? I am sure it gets better gas millage then my jeep so I am not worried about that.How are these for a dailey driver and weekend toy? thanks

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Sport Tracs are excellent all-around vehicles. Not as small as a Jeep for off-roading though. Basically the engines run forever, the trannys are a weak(er) spot assuming it is an automatic. With 160k on it, the tranny is on borrowed time unless it's already been rebuilt. Ball joints and wheel bearings tend not to have long lives but with that many miles they've probably been replaced once already. Get new shocks if you can't tell if they're original or if they look old. When buying a used one, DO change ALL the fluids. Oil, coolant, tranny flush, t-case, axles, brakes, blinker fluid, everything.

It has new shocks and brakes I was reading up whats the difference between job 1 and 2? is this a job 2 because it has the white gauges and rubber floor? It also has a moon roof so I guess it is a upgraded model? yes it is a automatic are these dogs with 373 gears and 33's? also is this a good brand of blinker fluid to use?

Mine has 32s and 373 and it flys and the engine is bone stock, though it isnt automatic. That blinker fluid would be fine.

Job 1 motor has the oil filler neck on the drivers side where a Job 2 has it on the passenger side. Job 1's were more prone to problems where as Job 2's they fixed most if not all the problems that 1's had.

The taller the tire and the higher the ratio the bigger the dog, unless you use the Adjustable Powerband

Yea unfortunately it is a auto thanks for all the help guys! Just one more question what would you say this sport trac is worth? I did check kbb but just wanted to know what you guys think thanks

Just one more question what would you say this sport trac is worth?

Hard to say without looking at it, have any pics? And where is it from?


Lol at the topper :P

My trac is still under 100,000 miles, but so far the only problem I've had is the thermostat housing warped. Common problems are the driver side door latch, thermostat, and with a lift and 33's probably ball joints (Johnny O is prolly right though, they have had to have been changed).

My ST just passed the 150K mark with few problems. My adventures with the thermostat are well chronicled, and a definite problem and poor design. Otherwise, mine has been good. I had the transmission fully serviced at 85,000 miles, and so far it has been good. Probably time to do it again, keep the fluid fresh.

It is also used as a tow vehicle for my Cobra race car, the trailer and car weighing in right round 3500 lbs, the limit of the truck. I tow with a light foot. I get 16-20 MPG on the highway, depending on speed, and around town 12-16.

Mine is a Job 2, and loaded with all the options, but a fabric interior. Love the rubber floor mats.

It does eat tires. Changed the shocks. I would not consider taking mine off-road, the 4.0 V-6 just does not have any real grunt.

My .02

BTW - I just ordered the KaleCo "O-Pipe" in hoping to get a better exhaust tone and increased performance.

also is this a good brand of blinker fluid to use?

That blinker fluid would be fine.

You guys need to stop pretending that this stuff doesn't exist. We had to drain some out of a tow-behind generator a couple of years ago, it's for real!!!