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Continuing seat problem


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June 25, 2005
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2000 North Face
Well decided that as I have had problems in the past, I should try a new seat base. Obviously this didn't work either! Then thought it might be the switch, because I know the seat is receiving power, its just not making the seat work. Then thought that if this doesn't work either, there must be a problem with the seat loom, so check this first, I saw that a green wire from the main seat connector (that connects to the connector from the floor) had a small bit or copper showing. so I stripped it all back and found what must be a previous bodge as I cant believe Ford would accept this. I have had the car from 3 years old and have not worked on the seat before.

Basically, there is a green wire that comes from the black main seat connector that then goes to the connector for the seat motors. Spliced into this is another green wire that goes to the switch on the side of the seat. From the point of the splice , both wires are burnt out. Pictures below:





The green connector goes to the switch on the side of the seat.

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I have managed to get the pins out of the connectors. Where can I buy the pins? I might just replace both green wires as the seat was working fine till recently. Still cant believe this was 'Factory'. Also I cant find a wiring diagram for the drivers seat

If there is a manufacturer marking on the connector then there is a slight chance you can wade through parts diagrams at an electronics supply house like digikey and find either pins or as likely an entire connector (which might be a different # of pins or shape) that uses the same pins, or of course buy the official Ford connector somewhere, or pull one at a junk yard.

If all else fails you could just get two mating connectors with enough pins and current capacity rating at Digikey, that need not match the originals as you'd be replacing both.

- OR - considering the age of the vehicle and how little it would matter in the grand scheme of things, you can just leave that wire separate and connected with bullet connectors like the following, which is quicker, easier, and you might even have some already or they can be found at any reasonably stocked hardware store or about $3 delivered on eBay:

It looks like the seat base pictured comes from a high end model that has a dual setting memory. Much more complicated than a simple power switch with multiple axis controls. You have a choice of 2 seat profiles, like one for a tall husband, one for a petite wife, and just the push of a button (1 or 2) and the seat automatically goes to pre-recorded settings.

Its a UK north face and has memory seats. I will be splicing in a new wire. Just can't believe it left the factory like that. Thanks for your help

Today I Found the following: The Drivers seat base and multi position switch work. I tested by putting them both on the passengers seat. Couldn't try the passenger seat in the drivers side as the main connector from the floor is different!

I found a couple of wires on the drivers multi position switch had obviously had a problem as there are signs that the plastic covering the wires had slightly melted. These were the front tilt (red/blue) and the main power wire (Black/white). Also the terminal for main power on the switch itself was discoloured and the plastic around the wire connector looked like it had got hot. Despite all this the switch worked fine on the passenger side.

The green wire that had melted above has been replaced. I checked the resistance for the wire and was .6. The same as a new piece of wire that I tested as well. The green wire goes to the larger of the electronic boxes at the front of the seat


The passenger seat only has the smaller box, swapped with the drivers seat small box, appears both work. What are these boxes for? Could the larger box have been fried when the wire shorted? I really cant see what else is wrong.

I have tested the seat both with and without the memory connector connected - no difference

Still not working. I have tried a replacement seat that I know and have seen working. This doesn't work when plugged into mine. I know there is power to the connector from the floor. I also know there is power to the switch that controls the memory function on the door, however the green diode is not lighting. If this switch is faulty would it stop the seat from working?

Auto electrician has possibly narrowed down the fault to the DSM as I'm getting all the power inputs needed, but has a dead short on the switch on the seat (which I know works as I tried it on the passenger seat). He also said these can be temperamental in that a working one from one seat may not work when used in another vehicle. This may explain why a working seat does not work when plugged in to my Ex. Anyone have experience of this?

Where can I get a new one from and does it have to be coded to my Ex's PCM? I have also read on here that someone with the same problems had a problem with an earth in the boot. anyone know where this is? Would this affect the seat if it is getting all the power req at the connector from the floor? (ie power, ignition etc etc)