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conversion to a V6 SOHC

I would like to swap in a 2000 4.0L V6 SOHC from a 2000 explorer into my 1991. Are they the same motors? Would i need a new computer, wire harness, brackets (etc)? Did Ford use the same trans in the 2 years? Please help thanks

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This question has come up a whole lot, but the general consensus seems to be that an SOHC wouldn't be worth all the effort. They talk about wiring nightmares and things. I really don't know, but I think you'd be better off to either rebuild and supercharge your OHV, or go for the 5.0 swap.

Are they the same motor? That's hard to answer. I *think* they have the same or very similar blocks, but the other parts vary. I don't know if the tranny can be reused, but both the A4LD and the Mazda 5-spd are not very strong, so I'd swap to a newer tranny if I was to mess with it. You would almost certainly need a new wiring harness, computer, etc. I'm not going to tell you that it can't be done, it's just how much :hammer: and :banghead: you're willing to put in.

Well I think it's the same block with minor modifications, different heads (obviously). I'm sure It would fit in there without problems, but you will definitely need a wiring harness, computer and most likely the transmission that goes with that engine (5R55E). Your transfer case would bolt up though I'm pretty sure. If you did decide to do this, I think it would be a first on this board Good Luck!

The tranny is the same. The new 55RE or whatever is just an A4LD with another gear between 2 and 3rd, with some other mods as well.

Originally posted by tiessen
The tranny is the same. The new 55RE or whatever is just an A4LD with another gear between 2 and 3rd, with some other mods as well.

I am aware of that. But on newer models the computer has to be interaced to the transmission. All auto explorers past 94 have electronically controlled a4ld's.

In that case - swapping to an SOHC probably wouldn't be worth the effort, with a new tranny and all. I would think that if you were to go to all that trouble, it would be easier to just swap to a 5.0. Don't let it discourage you though, if you want an SOHC, then I say GO FOR IT! I'm going to swap in a 4.9L inline 6 with an AOD and Dana 20 eventually. They say it can't be done, but I'll make it work, and you can too! lol... Seriously though, I'm not sure that the SOHC would be enough of an upgrade, and there aren't a lot of performance parts for it. But it's your truck, and you have every right to do whatever you want with it. :smoke: