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Convert into a trailer


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February 7, 2020
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1997 Ford Explorer XL 4WD
Is there a way that I can convert on of these into a trailer so I can pull stuff like yard waste and big trash I can not fit into the trash can on this? Or am I just crazy?

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Obtain a proper trailer is what I recommend, but of course you can do the conversion. I admire & respect innovation and resourcefulness, and am not throwing shade on your idea.

Sounds like a great project. I haven't seen one done as a trailer before, but I think it would be cool:chug:

If you do it share the project with the forum.:thumbsup:

Maybe cut 2 back halfs and weld them together so there is a hatch in front and a hatch in back. Probably easier than closing off the front of one back half.

Would need a roof rack to look awesome-

photoshop would help here but yeah

You are just crazy unless you need to haul something very heavy. Otherwise you can get a new trailer capable of ~1200lbs for $300 at Harbor Freight or a used one on craigslist or Facebook marketplace for less than that.

You'd put way more than $300 worth of effort into the conversion, and it would be easier to start with a pickup truck so you already have a bed. Plus, you should get at least $200 for the Explorer from a junkyard which could just about cover the cost of a used trailer.

so J_C, if I do need it what part would I need to cut it at. I'm not saying its a bad idea but I'm just going to scrap and part the car individually rather then selling all of it. Unless you want to buy the body/chassis.

Once you get the body off, and based on how long you want your trailer to be, it should be obvious where to cut it, adding on the length for the new cross-brace triangle to the hitch. You could cut anywhere in front of the leaf spring mounts, except that you want to keep in mind what the load balance is going to be, not having it too heavy behind the axle, yet not too much tongue weight either.

Edit: I was under the assumption you meant you want a trailer to tow behind a truck or large car. If this is to pull yourself manually or pull with a small garden tractor, then it seems like an excessively heavy burden to move that much extra weight around.

How closely have you looked at it? I assume you are aware that it is not flat, arches up at the rear wheels.

I'm not 100% sure this next pic is from a 2nd gen but it's close if not.