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Converting a super cooling system over to electric fan. Thoughts?


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July 16, 2012
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Madera, CA
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1992 Ford Explorer XLT
I am thinking of converting my mechanical fan clutch system over to electric fan, either going the flex fan route or taking a fan out of a Ford Taurus but an wondering how this will work since my Ex has the super cooling package from Ford when this was bought new.

Most of what I read as far as conversions has gone was done with either a standard cooling package (minus the external tranny cooler) or with a standard transmission (smaller radiator).

Since mine has both the larger radiator and external tranny cooler, I was thinking of running the transmission lines back through the radiator, ditching the external tranny cooler, leaving the same radiator in and then installing the elctric fan, hoping this will buy me a couple more MPG's.

I don't tow with this Ex and the hottest the central valley can get is about 112F which only happens for a short period of time. So hopefully this would not pose a problem. Does this sound like this will work or am I asking for trouble? Again my only concern is with the additional super cooling package components I have...