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Converting AWD V8 to 4x4?


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October 16, 2003
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2000 Ranger Trailhead
I'm trying to convert a 2000 V8 Explorer over to 4WD from AWD. Are there any transfer cases out there that will bolt up to the back of the Explorer's 4R70W?

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You can do a search for a member names "section525". He's swapped in a Borg Warner 1354 Manual T-case into his 5.0 AWD Explorer. I think he had to purchase an adapter from Advance Adapters, but that's about it.

divorce that sucka ;)

I dont want a divorced tc! I'll put an M5R2 manual tranny from an F150 in it to use its transfer case if I have to.

BluRanger8 said:
I dont want a divorced tc! I'll put an M5R2 manual tranny from an F150 in it to use its transfer case if I have to.
M5r2 - will that bolt up to ur engine?

but seriously tho, a few ppl on the board have swapped selectable transfer cases into their V8s.. do a Search or something.

Use a 4406 case from a expedition or a f150, it bolts up with no adaptors but still needs both driveshafts. You'll also need to move your gas tank back or pick up a sport tank which is shorter. V8BoatBuilder has done this swap and did a write up about it, outlining exactly what needs to be done.

stadx2 did a write up with a swap of a 4405 case from a v6 explorer. he also researched the elctronics portion of the swap and what works for what.

I found V8BoatBuilder's thread and just got done reading it. This sounds like the best way to go. Unfortunately this is for a regular cab, short bed Ranger... so gas tank issues are sure to come up, with a need for a different solution.

Also I already have the BW1354. It may be cheaper for me to get the adapter from AA and go that route.

IZwack: An M5R2 will bolt up to a 5.0. In older trucks with 300 6cyl, 302, and 351 or in newer trucks with the 4.2 V6. I haven't reasearched this too much though. I want to keep the auto.

the adapter for AOD-E to BW 1354 t case requires you to replace the output shaft in the transmission with a unit supplied to you with the adapter.
This means the transmission must be pulled and basically rebuilt.

Adapter was $550 or so, the work I had done to my 4r70w was about $700, but I had some soft parts replaced in my 50K miles trans.

just FYI, it's not as simple as you might think to retain the BW1354 T case

Now you can also use a AOD to D20 t case adapter and spud shaft, this does not require the 4r70w to be removed and dis-assembled. This allows you to run a D20 t case, an excellent choice for 4x4ing. The D20 is a small case, it is gear driven, and there are many aftermarket gearsets and upgrades available for it.

I know the output shaft has to be changed. I'm not worried about having to pull the transmission. I still have to do the swap so the tranny will be out anyway. I'm just trying to get all my ducks in a row before I begin.

What isn't simple about it? All you have to do is swap out the shaft and bolt up the new adapter, right? Is there something else involved that I'm missing?

As far as mechanically, no. Thats about all there it to it. Only thing else is that you'll need to get your driveshafts lengthened/shortened or go hunting in a junkyard with a tape measure.