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Cool (Expedition Style) Ranger build on EPF


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January 28, 2000
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I'm a member on Expedition Portal and there is an interesting Ranger build by Safari Pacific over there. He's in AZ and has done some really cool stuff.

Check it out HERE

This is what he started with:


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What a great website, thanks for sharing.

Very cool, guy has some mad skillz, I would sooner cut down a 4 door EX then try to make a 4 door sized ranger, so big props to him! :thumbsup:

I didn't read but I'm guess he has a 2.3 or 3.0 if he's looking to make a swap to 4.0.

...Thanks for that link...:thumbsup:

It answered a few questions I've had about why no one just brings a quad cab over here...

thats wicked cool. i'd love to see that thing in action.

Ive been watching that build for a while now, great stuff! Love that forum too :thumbsup: