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Cool Ranger Accessory

Ken Cooke

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April 18, 2000
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Riverside, California
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'03 Rubicon - Tomb Raider
I just went to 4West in Colton to get some cool truck stuff for my Ranger and to pay to get the nerf bars installed on my fiancee's Jeep YJ. One product I came across was the STEEL HORSE Clinometer. It displays the side to side angles as well as pitch of the vehicle so you can determine your vulnerability to roll-over when in precarious situations on the trail. One thing I noticed when looking at the frontend of this truck, is that the picture is of a '92-ish Ford Ranger pickup. Not bad, and for $19.95 I'll tell you how well this new product works on the trail.

Ken, PLEASE don't test it too far, and end up like I did!

Also, are you thinking about joining us at Truckhaven for TDS?

Ranger X - I still want your spare tire, though...

Ranger X,

Nope, I won't attend TDS since I'll be outta town. I'm going to Rosarito Beach to buy some inexpensive silver jewlery w/Suzanne on Saturday. Sunday, it all depends on how late we're out on the boulevard. I still want to buy your spare tire, though - since I really need one.

Clinometer Results

Running the trails in Joshua Tree, I did try and get my truck as sideways as possible on the trails to see what the results of the clinometer were. As I dipped my Ranger into small notches, I noticed that I was able to push my gauge into the 25 degree region of the clinometer. After 40 degrees, you're likely to tip. I was always nervous at around 20 degrees without knowing what the limits truely were. I am aware that suspension flex has plenty to do with being able to remain upright, and I have a pretty compliant suspension. My new set of front RS 9000's help in this arena. They have a much longer stroke, being that they are made for the F150, and are suprisingly mounted upside down (due to manufacturer's specs), and control the truck with it's slightly modified suspension. I mounted it to the flat section of the dashboard above the glovebox, and it is mounted on velcro - in order that I can remove and clean the clinometer with all of the adventures I plan on doing in the future.
This August, Suzanne and I plan on covering some of the trails mentioned in the book, "BACKROAD BAJA." This clinometer will come in handy as we cover more of the rocky roads there are to encounter south of the border. Not a bad accessory for a mere $19.95!