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Cool Ranger Pictures

Kirby N.

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February 6, 2001
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Colorado Springs, CO
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1991 Ranger
Check this out. This is what I want to build some day. A short wheel base ranger with an exteneded Cab on it.

A cool BII






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nice! is that a j**p rear end on that ranger though?

The Bronco II with ttb got 1st. The ranger got 14th. They are both cool, but I wouldn't trash my truck like that.Skyjacker challenge

those arent trashed! those look way better than my truck!

Um, yours is trashed!

They held up pretty well to the beating- I do think they're getting a beating when the ranger is aired out like 4 feet!

I think the bed is some kind of utility bed, not a jeep bed.

The more I look, I think that ranger is probably a Bronc with a ranger body.

Hey that Ranger with a short bed on it.

That is actually a B2 frame with a Ranger extra cab on it. The axles are EB axles. That is a 9" rear with a D44 Front. I don't know the guy.

But the yellow B2. I know him. That is Tom Campbell from Springfeild, Oh. You can find him over on That B2 is pretty nice. I think it only has 2" suspesion lift running 35" tires. 4.0L under the hood with a atlas 2 behind the tranny.

Sorry but you are wrong.

Yellow B2 got seventh place. (Team #1)

The Ranger Hybrid came in tenth place. (Team #14)