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Coolant bypass hoses


May 22, 2010
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2002 Eddie Bauer 4.0 SOHC
Hello. On my 02 E/B there are two hoses above the oil filter entering and exiting an oil filter 'adaptor'. The one has a section of rubber and then a long metal pipe and again rubber on the other end. This metal pipe is extremely rusty and worries me. Is this available aftermarket? I see on rock auto that the hoses are available but they don't show a pic of the metal piping in between.

Also the curved piece of pipe exiting the filter adaptor is very rusty as well.

Thanks in advance, John

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These pieces would be non wear items. I'd say dealer or wrecking yard.

Also, add your engine size to either the post or your specs. See below my name and location. It'll help others help you.

It shows as being $52.00 at Ford. Not bad really. Assuming this is the hose.


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Thanks Number 4. That's the hose. I'll check and see if my ford dealer has it or can order it in for me.

I'll have to dig out the correct Ford part number for that piece.

And yes, I did change my profile to show the engine size. Thanks


Actually I just googled it and got the complete ford part number :)

:thumbsup: let us know how much fun it was to replace it once done!