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Coolant Leak 2017 Limited


April 16, 2018
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South San Francisco, California
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2017 Explorer Limited FWD
so as the title says I had a coolant leak and the drips on the floor were mostly just inside of the passenger side tire. this was below the coolant reservoir tank. there was some signs of leakage on the side of the tank so my mechanic replaced the tank. no signs of any drips for a few weeks, then I would see just a few occasional drips, but now under the right side of the engine not under the reservoir tank. this resulted in a water pump replacement.

there is one spot that I found that there is not really a drip more of an ooze. there is a large hose that runs from the bottom of the coolant reservoir towards the top of the engine (right blue arrow). the hose has a fitting at the top as it heads towards the engine and the ooze shows up at the bottom of the fitting on the engine side (left blue arrow).

second image is closeup of fitting. third image is the ooze.

since I had wiped off the ooze before I spoke with my mechanic he asked that I leave it alone and stop by after a week to take a look, which will be some time this week.

so I was wondering if anyone had any thoughts on this before I go back in.

oh, I got to 100,000 miles as this was happening. too early or not unusual?

20230210_112740a.jpg 20230210_112901.jpg 20230207_134739.jpg

in general, coolant leaks shouldnt be happening. but at 100k the rubber can leak, its just the nature of the beast.

There are a few possibilities here

Could the ooze be some residual liquids from the water pump repair? At least clean it really well and check periodically

And as far as a few drips here or there are concerned. As long as all of the air is removed from the cooling system and the level in the reservoir isn’t dropping, it’s probably just some residual coolant dripping out from random nooks & crannies. Definitely keep an eye on the reservoir for a few weeks after the repair though

I found that spot after the reservoir tank was replaced and before the water pump was replaced. it is one of those never seems to happen when you bring it in to the mechanic things.

the drips on the floor directly under the water pump was also not a regular occurrence. that seemed to happen when I was out on an extremely short drive.

the level in the reservoir tank has been stable. I actually drove it for several months between the repairs, keeping an eye on the level for any sudden changes.