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coolant leak mystery


April 6, 2006
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Hamilton, Mass
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99&01 Sprt, 04&05 Explr
2005 Explorer 4.0 with rear heat/AC system

Found a solution to a problem which was not mentioned here so I figured I would post it.

Was loosing about a quart of coolant a week. Read many possible problems mentioned at this website including the in line rubber tee located under the throttle body but could not find the leak.

Turns out the hose clamp which is a spring clip type located just in back of the rear drivers side tire had rusted out and lost its spring tension. Found coolant dripping from the hose and when I went to squeeze the clamp to remove it, the clamp broke in 2.

This is one of the 2 coolant hoses running from the front HVAC system to the rear.

Hope this helps someone.