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Coolant leak when parked


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February 15, 2007
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1997 XLT
There's leaks now, that the weather is warm again.
Coolant started leaking a few days ago, I taught since I topped off the coolant, it's probably getting rid of the excess in the radiator. No worry but this has been going on for 4 days now and the coolant reservoir is almost empty.
I've only used the AC today for 20minutes as well.
It only happens after I park the vehicle, and then it will stop after dripping for about 5-10 minutes. Start it up again and drive around again and it will start dripping again. I've tried going under the vehicle and seeing the origin of the leak but can't pinpoint anything due to the plastic.

Here's some pictures;

What do you guys think it is? I'm just REALLY hopping not to have to replace the radiator. Thank yoU!

drop that plastic thing that has all the antifreeze dripping off it, and it'll be pretty clear what's leaking just by looking at it. To drop the air dam, it's 4 10mm bolts and 2 plastic trim clips. If you can't find the leak still, rent a pressure tester from your local parts store.