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coolant leak


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December 5, 2006
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Hello everyone i have been chasing down a coolant leak for the past two months. I have a 92 Ford Explorer sport/Mazda Navajo 4X4. I noticed about two months ago i had a small dripping coolant leak under the radiator located at the corner of the drivers side. I figured it was the lower hose. I replaced the hose and clamps. No luck still leaked. I changed out the radiator and still leaks at the same place. THe temp is fine and it doesn't overheat. It just drips coolant. It only drips when the car is running. When i turns off the engine, the leak stops. I checked around the water pump it is dry. The only place i see moisture is around the bottom drivers side corner of the radiator. Any ideas...... I'm ready to drive it off a cliff..... Help!!!