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Coolant Leakage


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December 11, 2015
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2006 Explorer
Hello all,

Ive been having a coolant leak for the past few weeks. I cant exactly tell where its coming from. All the hoses look in good shape, and the thermostat housing looks good as well. I took a look under the car and noticed coolant dripping from a pulley. I cant tell exactly where its coming from and its starting to leak heavily! Any ideas?


If it's on a pulley it could be the upper radiator hose or the water pump.

V6 or V8?

Also, coolant can travel a long way before it hits the ground. Easiest way to find a leak is to put a coolant pressure tester on and pump it up. The only leak I couldn't find this way was a cracked cylinder head (don't worry, that wasn't the Explorer).