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Coolant leaking from Bellhousing


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June 8, 2024
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New Canaan, CT
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2000 Ford Explorer Ltd
Hello & thanks for being here to try to help!

I have a 2000 Explorer AWD 4.0L FI SOHC 6cyl with 110K miles. Does *not burn much oil at all. Replaced water pump, bypass hose and thermostat a month+ ago. Had a minor leak at thermostat housing with new slightly thinner gasket. I since then repaired that. I am now seeing water leaking from the bottom center of the bellhousing at a good steady drip when running. All hoses look sealed including to the heater core and transmission lines. I wondering if you have had an experience with this type of problem and if so how would you proceed with getting it repaired.

Many thanks in advance,