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coolant temperature sensor


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March 6, 2011
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clearwater fl
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99 xlt
anyone ever replace???? how difficult?

Depends on the upper clearance. See if you can disconnect the wire connector
without removing the lower thermostat housing. Next issue would be removing
the ECT sensor without breaking the threaded brass inserts in the plastic housing. GL.

Just replaced the one on my 1999 explorer with the 4.0 v6 OHV motor. Got the sensor out by removing the hose off of the thermostat housing which then gave me enough clearance to use an 18mm deepwell socket with a rachet and extension. This did not solve my problem however, which was that the coolant temperature gauge was not working. After researching on here, I learned that there are two sensors, the one that I replaced today was the sensor for the engine management system...the one I need to replace is located below the coil pack...guess I'll try that tomorrow.