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Coolant temperature sensor


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July 7, 2017
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2005 Ford Sport Trac XLT
In process of swapping thermostat housing and removed coolant temperature sensor but seen no oring. When I put supplied oring on it's loose in housing. Is my sensor missing something around where the oring sits?


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What engine what year

Okay, just wanted to pull up a picture of a new one for reference. It doesn't look like they oring really has a tight spot to sit in the first place like it can move up and down, does it fit snug when you try to install it? Orings don't need a ton of pressure to seal, that's why oil filters don't go on extremely tight, the square cut oring just needs a bit of squish and it's sealed. I'd say as long as it doesn't just fall into place your okay. Make sure it all clean as well. Just watch it after you get it together for leaks. Make sure the stat opens a couple times before you trust it.

Someone else might have a more for sure answer for you but hope it helps buddy.