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May 29, 2005
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las vegas
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93 xlt 4x4
i think i have a coolant leak coming from my water pump i think. I believe it is coming from the gasket, i have heard about this think called stop leak from barrs or something. has any one had any good expieriences from this product. i am debating to do this or just to stop being lazy and put a gasket on it.

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Gaskets Are Always Better. Should Only Take About 30mins To Get Water Pump Off If You Know How To Do It. Maybe An Hour Total. I Broke My Whole Engine Down To The Pistons In 85 Minutes... Just Make Sure You Have 10mm And 1/2 Inch Sockets. Stop Leak Doesn't Always Work. Better To Do It Right The First Time.

I recommend against Stop leak. It can clog your radiator, heater core, and other aspects of the cooling system. Before pulling the water pump, make sure the leak isn't from the upper hose or the Tstat housing.

if it is coming from the waterpump, chances are the water pump is shot and it is leaking out of the weephole, it would probably be better to replace the waterpump...and put new on it, remanufactured isn't all that much cheaper if you have to do it a couple times

Personally, I think these stop leaks work unless you do a poor job of following the directions. The way they clog is if the radiator doesn't get hot enough right after you put it in, or if you put too much in.

I followed the directions and it worked for me.

If you are poor, like I am, it makes sense to take a chance on $4.00. If I couldn't have stopped my leak with this, the car would have just kept leaking because I have no extra money at all for a radiator. :roll:

So I guess if you have extra money, just do whatever a good mechanic says. If you are on a tight budget like I am these stop gap measures can really be terrific money savers.

Good luck,

PS: Follow directions carefully!

hey thanks for all the info guys!!!!