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Cooler AIC temps for air-water SC


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April 30, 2005
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2002 Eddie B.
Cooler ACT for air-water SC

Just plumbed a second H/E for the intercooler in the back were my spare tire went. The pump is pumping fine and working great. Its a volks radiator with a fan. The fan comes on when I apply the brake, or when temps reach 140*. Im wiring a toggle switch so when im at the track I can turn on the fan and the intercooler pump while the motor is off.

We are also finishing the ice box that will fit right behind the H/E. It will have access from the back hatch from inside the X to fill with ice.

So the the water will come out the SC, run to the back thru the rear H/E, then thru the ice box then all the way to the front to cool it even more thru the front H/E and into the SC.

Just with the new H/E WITHOUT the fan on while driving ive dropped about 15* in inlet temps. That H/E gets great airflow right where its at while driving. Im expecting to see another 10*+ with the fan running with the ice.

Being at the track will be great. I can turn on the fan and pump with the ice and the motor off and have all the intercooler water circulate for 10min or so and that water will get very cold. Also going 100% distilled water with Water Wetter.

Before the setup I could not stick my finger in the resevoir at operating temps... now I can keep my finger inside forever.

Ill get shots of the ice box install and data log results.





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Just checked out your homepage, thats one really nice Explorer you have!

Thank you.

Well ive done some data logging and ive dropped a good 10-15* accross the board, without the fan on.. even at WOT. Water Wetter goes in soon... same with the ice box. Heres a quick pic of the ice box, we are almost done with it. So far I have seen nice results, I might go to a huge intercooler with some real fans out back... why not if I have the room right. Maybe far fetched but my goal is shooting for ambient temp for my ACT's. Not easy on an eaton blower.



finished product: