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Cooling System flush, Normal?


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July 16, 1999
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97 Explorer
When I flush the cooling system, I just hook the garden hose to the "T" fitted in to the heater hose (prestone kit) and let the water flow till it's nice and clear, then I take a small hose and attatch it to there the garden hose is and blow into it to get the last bit of water in the heater core so I can just use distilled water and antifreeze...
After I add the water and antifreeze, I drive around the neighborhood and the gauge creeps all the way up to the top end, then drops to normal as I assume the cooland makes it way into the heater core (I get no heat until that point)

Is there an easier way to "bleed" the system w/o getting the spike in temp? or is this normal? it only stays high for about 20-30 seconds.

After the "burp" I let the motor cool a bit, pop the radiator cap and top off the system and I am good to go.

BTW, the manual says 7.8Q, the Haynes manual says 8.7Q, the Haynes wins ;)