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Cooling System Issue


August 18, 2015
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2007 Sport Trac Limited
I have a 07 Limited. I have noticed recently that it sounds like the cooling fan clutch may be going bad. There are times when it sounds like a the fan is spinning at the motors RPM. It only lasts a few seconds and then goes back to normal. When it acts up, I notice the the temp gauge goes up pretty quickly to the 3/4 mark. Once the semi-truck sound goes away ( I assume this is when the fan clutch IS working) the temp gauge drops to normal almost immediately.

Does this sound like the fan clutch or something different. If it's the clutch, has anyone changed one on their own? Any advice?

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Bet you are low on coolant, or if you recently did work on your system you have a bubble in the line. other option is a thermostat that has stuck. I have had all 3 issues cause the symptoms you are describing.

I was low on coolant so we shall see where that gets me. Thanks!

Now to figure out where its going. Keep an eye on the thermostat housing, it likes to leak back into the valley so it shows no sign of leaking until its too late. Also the rad likes to leak from the seams on the tanks down on the cross member and show no sign of leaking either. Both are common failures on these things.

Nope...a nice hour long drive down the interstate has its ways of revealing leaks. :confused:

Looks like it may be the radiator. Nice and steamy coming from under the power steering reservoir. I think that's what it is anyway...didn't pay much attention. Drivers side of radiator. I think toward the top, but can't see where it's coming from. Nice puddle on the ground underneath too.

Anyone ever change a radiator on the V8? Any PITA issues to deal with?

Mine had a leak from the crossover tube that runs under the intake. The dealer replaced the water pump..then radiator before finally finding the real leak. The intake has to be removed so it was quite an expensive repair..