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Cooper Discoverer Enduramax

The Goodyear Wrangler SRAs on my 2002 Sport Trac finally wore out after 9 years - 7 years of full time use - and just shy of 50,000 miles. They took me everywhere I wanted to go (on the road). 12" of snow, no problem. Packed snow/ice, not an issue either. I was bummed that they're no longer available, but I've known that for awhile. I have Cooper Discoverer A/T 3s on my '01 Sport Trac. I have no complaints about them, but I wanted a more highway looking tread on the '02. After much online shopping, I settled on Cooper Discoverer Enduramax. They have the tread look I wanted, the price was right, and they were readily available unlike some of the other tires I considered.

I've had them for 6-7 weeks and have put over 1000 miles on them. These tires are very quiet. The Goodyears were not noisy by any means, but the Enduramax are quieter. Finally got some rain last week, and they were fine, but I just drove across town. They have the highest rating for snow, but of course it's too early for snow here.

The only complaint I have with them is the sidewalls are surprisingly stiff. At 35 psi, they ride like they have 45 psi or more. At low speeds, I feel every imperfection in the road, but they get better as speed increases. At 45 mph, I still feel every expansion crack I drive over, but not the lesser imperfections. At 50 mph and above, they ride smooth and quiet.

I don't know if it's just because they have more miles or something else, but the sidewalls don't seem as stiff as they did earlier. I know colder temps drop the psi in the tires, which would soften the ride, but I don't notice the cracks and imperfections in the road as much now even after the tires warm up and raise the air pressure.

We've had just a little bit of snow this past week, but not enough to test the tires. Driving on side streets covered with a thin coat of snow that was basically like driving on ice, they performed about like any other decent tire. I'll update after we get several inches of snow.

I said I'd update this review after we got several inches of snow. Well, we only had 1 snow that was over 3 or 4", and it was only 5 or 6" and fell on a day I didn't need to go anywhere. All the snows we got fell when it was right around 30-32 degrees and the pavement was fairly warm. That made for slick streets for a few hours, but that was about it. I only scooped the driveway once or twice all winter because the snow didn't stick around long. Unusual for Iowa, but I'm ok with that!