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Cooper Discoverers any good?


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September 16, 2004
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Round Prairie, OR
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'97 XLT
Hey guys! Been a while, but I'm taking conductor's certification at the railroad. Got a day off, so...taking care of necessities. When I bought my '97 Explorer XLT, AT&T took the nice beefy tires off and replaced them with sorry excuses for street tires. (Which is odd since they let me keep the door decals on!)

Anywho, one of my engineer buddies says Cooper Discoverers are superb for snow handling. Anyone care to vouch for this? I checked out a set of 15's at Basin Tire in Green, OR for $464 installed. They look pretty self-cleaning. Will these rub inside the stock fenders? This truck ain't lifted at all. I did a topic search also, but to no avail.

Thanks for any help you all can offer!
CORP Brakeman soon-to-be Conductor

james t

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January 27, 2002
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Texarkana AR/TX
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94 SAS sport
Which Discoverer's are you refering too? There is about 10 different models.... sorry cant help you with the snow opinions as we dont get that stuff here. :)