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Core Support Issues and Questions


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October 13, 2006
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Townsend, MA
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98 XLT 4x4
Hi - My 98 Exp has rust issues on the core support and I can't have it replaced right now. I believe that the most important parts are still structurally sound for the moment, but I'm worried about the impact sensor mount on one side, and the area which holds the wiring harness plugs for the fog lights and ABS lead is bad. I'd like to get in there for a better look, and I've gathered that I need to remove the grille and header panel to do so (the bumper is already off). Essentially, I'm thinking about trying to clean and seal it up some, relocate the harness plugs and do something with the impact sensor in order to buy some time.

Does anyone have advice or thoughts on the feasibility of that?

How does one deal with the impact sensors when working near them?