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Corrosion repair on aluminum wheels?


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February 5, 2018
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'94 Explorer XLT 4dr 4x4
if there's a better section for this please let me know
I have these wheels, I like them alot and I want to use them when I get larger tires, but they're corroded all to hell. Picture is misleading, its pretty bad. Anyone know how to re-finish them?


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There are a lot of YouTube videos showing how to restore aluminum rims. I suggest looking there.

There are a lot of YouTube videos showing how to restore aluminum rims. I suggest looking there.
Currently stripping the clear coat to sand out the pitting, and I found another reason to hate the Obama administration. Removal of Methyl Chloride made aorcraft stripper useless. Currently trying to find a good product to strip the wheels.

For those of you reading this thread to fix your own wheels, use a pressure washer on the paint stripper rather than a putty knife. Much easier.

Just thought I'd update this.
I sanded with 320 grit sandpaper, then 600
Then cotton buffs on a drill starting with black emery and finishing with brown tripoli
Final polish was done with Mothers aluminum polish on a cotton puff on a drill
I attached a before and after
It looks great as long as you don't look really closely, just like the rest of the vehicle
I am very pleased with the result
I'll be finishing it off with a new set of 31" tires and chrome wheel caps with black acorn lug nuts


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Looks good to me!

You can get a more even polish pattern and more quickly if you do this the ghetto way by jacking up the car, and just apply abbrasive pad to the wheel while someone revs the gas... Just sayin...
Methylene chloride can remove **** from the internet. Love that scary stuff.