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Cost Effective Mid-Travel Build

Well as some of you know i smashed up the explorer pretty good in October at Truckhaven. Since then ive been looking at options to strengthen the front end and give it a decent amount of performance. With the help of Brandon at BTF Fab (NODNARB on here) a cost effective mid-travel kit is availabe. Mind you this isnt some go fast LT kit that is totally indestructible and race worthy. Its a simple kit that will take some abuse and should be pretty fun.

Starting with a Fabtech 3.5" spindle and combined with a custom tubular a-arm with a high angle ball joint. Also it is strapped at 10.5" of travel and will be getting 2.0 bumps soon. The nice part of this kit will be the ability to include a 2.5" resi shock or 2.0" coilover. Im choosing the 2.5" resi shock from FOA which will be going on in the next 2 weeks.

Im going to clean everything up and snap some good pics today.