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cost of front windshield and installation?


April 1, 2003
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Ottawa IL
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92 XLT 4x4 4.0
my front windshield got a crack from god knows how and I was wondering how much it would cost to replace it if anyone has been down the same road. Id have insurance pay for it but you know how the propetry/ liability game goes. Thanx for any info.

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best price I found recently was around $238 they installed it in my driveway

When we had it replaced on our '92 we were told it was going to be about $250...

We had Insurance pay for it since we had glass coverage.

At least with AllState and StateFarm, when I asked my agent, getting glass fixed doesn't count against your (for insurance rates). They both said it would only count if I kept getting it done (e.g. every year)


In Florida, the Insurance must pay for the windshield and not penalize the policyholder.

I paid $175 installed at Safelite AutoGlass... They even came to my house and installed it right in our garage!! What service!!