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cost to repaint hood?

Hi folks;
I was at a body shop a few months ago getting some crash damage from a drunk driver repaired. I was discussing some scratches on the hood with the guy and he told me that it would cost almost a thousand dollars to repaint the hood due to my truck having a "factory 3 stage pearl paint job".
Damn; can it really cost that much? I want to have my hood and tailgate repainted, but man, oh man; that is just to much. Has anyone had it cost that much to paint one panel?

I had my hood repainted, it was $300(CDN). They said they use that number for quick estimates, $300 per panel. Now, this is Canadian dollars, so I would think it would be less in the US.

This work was done at the Ford Autobody shop. But mine is a '94, so the paint may be different???

Here are some of the reasons

First is the shop.

Are they using the latest in technology regarding the equip. booth, etc, do they have an inhouse color match system, do they send their people to I-Car and paint supplier training schools, etc.

A base number to work from is hard to determine, but usually today, figure $45 to $65 an hour for labor.

Materials are very expensive today, as well.

To clean, sand, prepare the hood, figure 1.5 to 2 hours.

To apply the materials, and since a tri-coat, figure another 2 to 3 hours.

Then add in the clean up, etc, haz. material disposal cost, even the tape used today comes under this.

Then put in a profit factor.

I would figure a fair cost of $500 to $600 for the work.

Not that this is totally accurate, but gives you and idea, however, the $1000 quote sounds a bit high to me.

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