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Could use a hand here!


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October 22, 2014
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Marlborough, Connecticut
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1995 Ford Explorer Sport
Hello everybody! Quick introduction I suppose. My name is Zen, I picked up a '95 Ford Explorer Sport with a 5 speed manual transmission. I'm in a bit of a love/hate relationship with it until I can figure out whats going on. I've had this truck now for just over a year, and it's been a respectable ride.

I've sank quite a bit of money into it with all intentions of making it run and look new again. So far I've put a new ignition in it (After my coworker stole my keys), It has a replacement engine (Blew both heads on it teaching someone to drive a standard... 60mph to 1st gear dump... well done, kiddo), New clutch and flywheel, new rotors, pads and calipers all around, 4 new tires, and a bunch more I could go on about.

Here's the problem I have currently. The truck has zero fuel pressure. I was driving home the other night when it started to bog down and lose power with acceleration. It came close to stalling on the highway, but never did. I managed to limp it all the way home, about 3 miles.

Since, I have put it in my garage, put it up on jack stands and have done a full diagnosis. First things first, I ran the scanner on the truck and it came back with codes that would trigger due to the car being under operating temperature:

116 Engine Coolant Temp Out Of Range
114 ACT / IAT / VAT Circuit Out Of Range

The only other code that popped up during the run through might be a bit of a clue, which is:

558 EGR Control Vac Regulator Sol. Circuit Malfunction. (Replacement EGR is on its way and is due to show tomorrow, 11 April, 2015)
Lastly, a 111 for a system pass code.

The next thing I did was disconnect the fuel line at the output end of the fuel filter to eliminate a clogged filter as a culprit. I can't tell for sure how much pressure is coming out, not having a way to measure it from that point, but when I turn the key over, it does soak the rag I put in front of it.

Here is why I'm lost. With everything all plugged in and back where it belongs, if I turn the key over I can hear the fuel pump prime the engine. When it does actually prime the engine, I'll stick a screw driver into the valve to see if it has pressure, only to come up short. I took a bicycle tire gage to it and it depresses the vavle, but gives no reading. It just drips off the valve.

Now the condition up to this point is that when the fuel pump primes the engine, it will turn over. However, it cannot idle on its own without stalling. If I depress the accelerator, it stalls out quicker. Sometimes I can keep the idle going by feathering the accelerator pretty rapidly. By this I mean, at idle, it starts to bog down, I step on the gas, it bogs down further, I let off the gas, it attempts a recovery and fails. I can keep it going for a little while, but to prevent damage further then whats wrong with it now, I let it die out. During this whole ordeal, the truck will misfire pretty badly.

What could this be? Bad fuel pressure regulator? Fuel pump? I'm at a loss for this one guys and gals...

It's almost for certain a bad fuel pump.
You can cut an access hole under the rear
seat (driver's side) to change the pump
if you don't want to drop the fuel tank.