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Couple of questions regarding lifting the truck


June 18, 2008
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2001 Sport Trac
Hey guys, I've been wanting to buy some A/T's since I bought my '01 sport trac two years ago... But I figured I go ahead and do a little lift as well to complete the look.

I have already cranked the torsion bars in the front and I was wondering what is the best/least expensive option to raise the back to fit 32" tires.


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Long shackles is the easiest. Don't go over a couple inches on the front or you'll be replacing axles regularly.

And of course the tall tires will hurt your power and fuel mileage but I'm sure you already know all of that.

Lift shackles are the most popular way. Warrior makes shackles that fit our trucks. Part # is 153 I believe. They will give you about 2" lift.

I found the warrior shackles online.. Are these the ones you used Cluster?

And in this picture of your truck what is your total lift? and what size tires are you running?


Yes, those are the shackles you need. I made my own but based them off the specs of the warrior shackles. Here is a better photo of my truck. I have 265/75/16 tires (about 32"x10.5"). I have 1.75" tortion lift and the shackles gave me about 1.75". I didnt really measure before and after with the shackles cause my short term memory is crap and I forgot . With the stock wheels the tires would rub at full lock making a left turn but its just rubbing on the plastic inside the wheel well (the back inside part). Now that I have new wheels that push the tires out an inch farther I really dont have a problem anymore, I had to cut a little triangle piece off of my front bumper, the bottom outside corner.