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couple of TSB questions


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November 7, 2014
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2011 Explorer
I have a 2011 explorer limited. I have multiple TSBs that apply to the vehicle but due to the mileage (60k) I do not have any warranty that would cover the work. Well, I have an extended warranty the dealer sold/gave me, but the parts listed in the TSB are not listed in my warranty. That being said, even if it was covered by my warranty the dealer won't fix the problems if they can't witness the problems themselves. Ok all that being said here are a few things...

Has anyone here experienced TSB 12-9-3 RATTLE OR BUZZ FROM WINDSHIELD TRIM AT HIGH SPEEDS and fixed it themselves? this drives me nuts when I am on the highway (nearly daily) and would love to fix it. Anyone know what parts (numbers?) and have any pics to show what you did to fix it? Although I must admit I read about another TSB (which I can't find right now) that talks about air around some of the A/C components behind the grill creating this buzz and it was a matter of putting some thick doubled sided tape on a Styrofoam piece that is around the A/C components.

The other one I have for now is 11-11-12 RAIN SENSITIVE WIPERS - UN-COMMANDED OR PHANTOM WIPE ON DRY GLASS - BUILT ON OR BEFORE 6/26/2011. I suspect this one is new software that needs to be installed on my explorer but thought I would ask to see if anyone knows anything about it.

thanks in advance for all the help.

I had the wiper issue on my 2011 Limited. The work order shows Part # BT4Z*17D547*C - PROCESSOR. This was replaced twice under warranty (TSB). As for the noise you are hearing, it is likely the 'A' pillar noise. It seemed to be a common issue on the 2011/2012 models. The more recent models usually have noise due to the cowl. If it is the 'A' pillar, you would have to replace all the plastic clips that hold the plastic piece in place. Ford added the clips to the package after dealers found out that the clips were broken and would not keep the plastic piece securely in place. I think you would be best to talk to your dealer's parts department about this. Not sure if any members have done the repair themselves.
There is a 49 page thread on the 'A' pillar issue;