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couple pics

I like the painted dash pieces!

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yep i like it too, looks really nice!

very nice, and I love the paint! good work, esp since you did it all yourself:thumbsup:

thanks for all the positive feedback guys the paint job was probly my 4th vehicle i did but the airbrushing was my first time, definately was a learning experience. also i don't know if you guys noticed but its only a 2wd explorer so you guys will be happy to hear that me and my buddy went out to a local mud pit and i drove circles around my buddies 99 4wd dodge ram that he just bought. his truck was pretty much stock but he always knocked my truck for being 2wd and being lifted and said 4wd is where its at. well lets just say i shut him up once and for all as he was trying to rock his truck back and forth in the mud just to get it unstuck of course he gave me the run around about "when i get bigger tires and blah blah blah" but i didn't care because he relized that a locked 2wd explorer aint no joke!!!!!!

I do believe that a locked 2wd is equally if not more capable than the average open/open 4wd.

nice looking ex...that color is sweet.

nice x u got there nvr

Where abouts in Detroit?

I moved to NC from Taylor, I had a job at Garden City Hospital, grew up in Bowling Green, OH so I know the area. I miss playing in the snow but I will never leave NC, there is so much more to do here than lower MI.

Very nice truck. I am diggin the idea on the center console and gave me some idea's. No I would not steal yours since the diamond plate would look silly in my almost stock Ex, but without a 5 speed shifter in the way it gave me some ideas on the angle and size and what the radio would look like in it.

there are actually 6 12's in this box 2 on each side

One thing I wanted to know was what the blue things near the pillers?

I like it!

l live north of Henry Ford CC, if your familiar with it. i don't know if your familiar with rouge park but its right down the street from me where the old horse stables used to be that where we go wheeln. as for the blue things those are unfinished fiberglass pods for 6x9's each one holds two 6x9's