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Coupon Codes for Forum Members

This part is on backorder and not expected to be available for at least 30 days. If you can wait and would like to order let me know.

- Benny
I see, I'll have to source from elsewhere then because currently my sensor is unplugged and the connector is sealed from potential wetness...not confident about riding around for a month without it. I appreciate it though!

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Hey Benny, ordering some brake dust covers, do I send you what I need or just use a code for checkout?


Hi, PM sent


Hi, Can I use a code if I come to the shop to buy the parts at the counter?

Hi there Benny getting ready to ordered up some parts for Explorer and super duty. Any discounts would be great.

I need to place an order for rear knuckles DB5Z-5B758-B and DB5Z-5B759-B for my 2014 Explorer Sport. Can I get a code for that? I also sent you a PM.

Hi Guys,

We have codes available for forum members so if your looking for Genuine Ford replacement parts or Accessories please let us know, Feel free to reply to this thread here and we will message you.


Do you have a. Ode for a replacement backup camera?