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Coyote 5.0

Couple of questions could the new coyote engine be made into a 347 stroker if so what would be the average power. Also how much boost would it handle ive read 8 to 15 already done but whats the max. And also the block could it be compared to the a4 block or we are still gota be carefull of breaking it like the explorer ones.
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The coyote engine is a completely different design than the 5.0 push rod engine.

It is like putting a goose egg into a chicken egg carton.

Coyote Motor:




As Jon said..totally different motors. Coyote is an OHC motor, 347 is an OHV motor. Coyote is much wider and taller. As far as I know, the farthest you can push the new 5.0 (same basic setup as the 4.6) is to a 322 c.i. "big bore" motor.

The new 5.0 Coyote is a GREAT motor!!! If you plan on boosting one, 8psi seems to be the safe side and 10psi is pushing it. You will have a better chance of getting your questions answered on this site than they are actually doing something with the new Coyotes than most on here.

If I could afford it. I thought about swapping the coyote into My Mustang. I heard there's supposed to be a swap kit out there or in developement with all the wiring harnessess, accessories for the '05-'09 S197's. If you got to KOOKSTV's youtube account. They already got a foxbody swap out there.

I think that right now the only reason to swap a motor like that into something older is just to say I did it. For what you would spend on a new motor, computer, harness and everything you could build a really nice 347 that would spank the coyote easily.

That's true, I could do a 302 stroker on my 4.6 keep my transmission and gain a ton of power. The new coyote though is impressive for an all stock engine and 500rwhp looks achievable with just bolt ons.

Coyote Motor:


That is not a Coyote motor, that is a Motorsport 5.0 4v built for the Factory SCCA Road Race cars and is used in the SCCA PRO circuit and the European Road Race circuit.

I dont have have a coyote but my bud has two Lincoln lhs 32 valve cars hmmm :)