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CP's Rocker Sliders!


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July 11, 2002
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Indianapolis, Indiana
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1993 XLT
Hey yall, thought i'd post some pics of the latest project. HUGE thanks goes to Taxxman on here, as he welded them up for me, I just hacked on the body and worked the chop saw for alittle while haha. Notice...NO ROCKER PANNELS! I do want to get some weather stripping or something fill the little bit of a gap between the body and the rockers (intentional), and to hide my terrible cuts haha. But here they is :)

The sliders are 3/16" wall 2x4 box, about 6'2" long, the frame connectors are 3/16" 2x2 box of varying lengths, and they mount to 1/4" thick 6"x6" plates that are welded to the frame. I still have to trim the front fenders and make a new lower mount but that shouldn't be too hard.





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Now go start swapping axles. :D

Nice work, they look good. :thumsbup:

bmxking5 said:

Now go start swapping axles. :D

haha...shutup! :p

The axles are in process...got a ton of stuff from a buddy who moved to another state, all i have left is tires, shocks, brakes, and ball joints :)

lookin good, i will make sure you put them to good use next month out at the badlands :D.......jsut wish i had some too :(

So i just realized that I never got you pics of how Paul's sliders were mounted. :rolleyes:
My bad, but I guess you did alright without them.

haha yeah...just like a normal slider, just farther up on the frame :)

I like it. I may end up cutting my rockers off and remounting them.

dman726749 said:
lookin good, i will make sure you put them to good use next month out at the badlands :D.......jsut wish i had some too :(

hehe yep! just need to make sure i pick a site next to yours so you can listen to the barf ballad around 1:00am :D

NOT gonna let that happen this year LOLOL