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Craigslist: 2002 Ford E350 Club Wagon 4X4 Quigley- $19500 (Highlands Ranch)


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This is not me, nor my vehicle.


Up for sale is my 2002 Ford E350 Club Wagon with 30,000 miles. This van has the much sought after Quigley 4X4 conversion. Quigley 4X4 is a company that performs all the “factory” 4X4 conversions as Ford does not make a 4X4 full size van. When under the warranty period, Ford recognizes the Quigley conversion as “factory” and will perform warranty service (this van is NOT under warranty). This goes to show the high quality that goes into this conversion. This specific van has Dana60 axels front and rear with disk brakes on all four corners. It has Weld wheels and BFG AT tires (size???). The engine is the big V10 which gives diesel power on gasoline. This thing drives great and has lots of power.

I started this van as a Sportsmobile project. I owned a two wheel drive Sportsmobile and loved it. I found this rig and decided it would give me the opportunity to build it just the way I wanted it. It is designed to have a large dinette that converts into a 6’ x 6’ bed. One half of the dinette can be removed so that the van can be used to haul large items when it is not being used as a camper. The galley is designed to have a fridge and sink, and a cooktop if you want it. I personally do not want a cooktop because cooking in a van tends to make it really smell (small space and all). I use a Jetboil to heat water for coffee and an outdoor cooktop for the basics and a firepit grill for the big stuff. Both the galley and the dinette are made with steel tubing frames so they are lightweight yet very strong. And they will not squeak like wood will. The flooring is Pergo style and cleans easily and is not susceptible to water damage. I have a brand new still-in-the-box fridge that I will include, but is not installed.

At this point the floor is installed, the galley and dinette/bed are framed with 1” square tube steel, and the walls have been cut and installed. What needs to be completed:
Skin for galley and dinette
Install fridge
Have dinette upholstered
Have wiring completed for interior finish

Full Disclosure: This van started life as a Sportsmobile and was involved in a tip over accident in Moab. Since they do not know what to do with Sportsmobiles, they totaled it. The title is clear, but the Carfax shows the accident. A new body was put on the van and it started a new life. When I bought it, I took it to a shop that has done body repairs for me in the past and had them check it out. It was given the all-clear by the shop manager.


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September 25, 2010
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Posted by fasting

I have been thinking about having a Magnaflow muffler installed without a cat-back kit, just the muffler..would the correct size be 2.5 inches on this thing? The reason I would like to do this is to have a little more hp/tq for less downshifting out of overdrive going up hills, and the added sound would be ok too. I was thinking a 22 inch muffler because I would like it to be relatively quiet, something like a factory 2004 muffler sounds maybe. The guy I talked to at Sears said it wouldn't help at all with downshifting and I would probably lose gas mileage, is he correct about that? I also mentioned putting on a cold air intake and he said that wouldn't help either. I already placed an order on a cold air intake, and am planning on having a muffler installed soon. Any info. on this would be greatly appreciated.

you should definately get them used of ebay or craigslist.