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Crank no start


February 27, 2015
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Spokane WA.
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98 Ford Explorer
We picked up a 98 EB Explorer 2 weeks ago. Had minor front fender damage all fixed now. I drove it last week ran perfect stopped at a shop and when I came out it would crank over like crazy but no start. Had to leave it over night and the next morning sent my son down with our Autel scanner to check thing out. He tried to start it before scanning and it started right up. He then ran codes and he got a PAT code from the alarm saying engine dissabled. He cleared the code and drove it home. We have set the car aside for a week to get another car ready for sale and just got back to it today. I went to start her and it did the same thing Crank but no start I put the scanner on and no code at all. The alarm light is working just like it should. Goes out after key is on for a bit or during cranking but it is acting just like it did with the engine disable code. Could this be a new problem or what. Please help.

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We do however have a code not sure if it matters but the radio is not working it came that way so we were going to sort that out today and the code is B1 359 ignition Run / accessory circuit failure. It however started one time today just like nothing was wrong but after we shut it down to trace radio wires it is back to no start just cranking over.

Sounds like something dodgy in the ignition switch.

Is that a bend over at the stealer type part. I only have on key with this so it would be nice to have 2 of the coded keys.

Ok it looks like you are talking about the big screw in plug thing on the left side of the steering shaft and not the key socket on the right side. worth a try at only 20 buck or so.

So replacing the Ignition switch did nothing to help fix the issue. Every time we reconnect the battery and try to start for the first time we are getting the Engine Disabled by PATS error code. After that it doesnt show up until we disconnect and reconnect the battery again. We are also still getting the B1 359 consistently.

Alarm light is not doing any thing funny like blinking fast or staying on so Iam I down to dropping the tank for a new fuel pump? What more should I check before going to all that trouble. We just know very little about the history on this truck other than they hit a parking pole bent the bumper back into the fender and cliped the corner of the hood. Looking at the only key that came with it I see the cover at the top is missing so I can see a white plastic thing inside the key. We have tried to start many times today but nothing but a good fast crank and no fuel at all. Never have heard the fuel pump prime.

Is it normal for a bad fuel pump to trow a PAT code?

Is it normal for a bad fuel pump to trow a PAT code?

No, but you said the theft light wasn't flashing.

If you have a voltmeter you could measure for fuel pump voltage at the fuel pump relay, or even the fuel pump inertia switch. You'll only see the fuel pump priming voltage for about 1 second or so after the key is switched on, so a helper might be a good idea. If the voltage is present, good chance the fuel pump is bad.

did you replace the ignition switch, or ignition lock?

Yes we did replace the switch it changed nothing. The only thing that tells me fuel pump is most likley gone is the pump relay clicks when we turn the key on but no pump action. Napa wants almost 200 for the pump but I see them all over ebay for less then 20.00 how can that be right? We still have the code B1 359 ignition Run / accessory circuit failure that will not go away and radio will not work.

I would avoid a 20.00 pump

The reason for the price difference, some are just pump motor replacements, others replace the whole basket assembly. Napa has quite a price markup, check amazon also.

When you turn the key on will the heater blow? will the turn signals work?

Yes the heater blows and all signals and lights work. By the way Thanks for the help.