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crank no start


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June 20, 2015
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Rumford maine
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2001 ford ranger 4.0 xlt
Popped rd ranger 4.0 xlt standard I bought this from someone a week ago with this problem and he told me he well first he said it died going down drive way and wouldn't start since I said what have u done he named ford parts alternator plugs wires coil pack crankshaf camshaft sensor herein spark test fuel and air test supposedly I did a smart test the fuel pump does turn on it just cranks Cranks tried starter fluid checked inertia switch I was working and It wasn't. Popped really need help o and did try jumping it 2073576541

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try pulling the intake tube off to expose butterfly on throttle body and squirt starter fluid in there or throttle body cleaner, cause the pump could work but dosent mean its pumping fuel, or u can get a fuel pressure gauge and check it k.o.e.o

also try and pull codes cause if it is something in the system wrong like crank position sensor it should through a code, code readers are cheap compared to throwing parts at it believe me i was in your shoes started throwing parts at it and come to find out it was something completely different, try squirting the starter fluid or throttle body cleaner down the intake, try and start it if it fires up or tries then u have a fuel issue, if not you may have a timing issue but at least you can narrow that down.

I just tried it with starter fluid and it didn't do nothing still the same you can call me if you want at 20735 76541

well if that didnt work now comes the hard work but where i would start now is go get a code reader its gonna be expensive i know but that would be a good place to start or try renting one

it won't start at all and its not throwing any codes I have oBo 2/ something and its not picking up any codes I'm going to try to win fuel pressure test today or tomorrowany other ideas what's the hard part

finding out whats wrong/ diagnosing/ i hate it personally but yeah check fuel psi, also wouldnt be a bad idea to pop a valve cover and make sure your cam timing & crank timing are correct dont know how many miles are on there or anything but i will say that my timing chain was loose/loose tensioner was maxed out

another thing you can do to see if u have fuel at the injectors is on the regulator or by the regulator there should be a shradder valve push it and see if fuel squirts out (wear some form of eye protection). fuel in the eyeballs sucks, its not gonna tell you anything related to psi just if u have fuel or not.

Trying psi 2day but the valve is pushing out gas so I'll let u know and I'm about 2 take it 2 a someone

yeah might be best, im not much for diagnostics but if u have checked spark and fuel its not smoking, its hard to tell over the computer u know